The Medical Institute of Kentucky

TMIKY generated an average of 600 leads per month in 2018.


TMIKY provides accelerated medical and dental assistant training and certification. Beginning in September 2013 Hangout Creative was tasked with the job of increasing more qualified leads for TMIKY’s original four Kentucky schools located in Louisville, Lexington, Covington and London.

Advertising Tools

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Adwords
  • Website
  • CRM


Hangout Creative initially used Facebook’s advertising platform to generate qualified leads for TMIKY. The advertisements were geotargeted within 25 miles of each school’s location. The advertisements led users to the website to learn more about the program.  People interested in the programs would then provide personal information for a TMIKY to reach out and set up an appointment. They could also call a representative for more information.

Lead Generation Sales Funnel: Facebook > TMIKY Website > Contact Form

This initiative increased leads from an average of 50 users per month to 350 users a month. A 600% increase in leads over a one year period. Additionally, the advertising budget remained the same. Advertising dollars were cut from newspaper and radio and allocated towards Facebook ads. This switch cut the cost per lead by 75%.

Facebook Advertisement Example

Building off the success of Facebook advertising Hangout Creative redesigned TMIKY’s website, added Instagram advertising, Google Adwords and Google Display Network.  After several months of A/B testing TMIKY saw a steady increase of potential students. Leads increased from 350 per month to the current average of 600 with an average cost per lead of $60. The advertising budget was also increased from $8,000 per on $36,000 per month.


  • TMIKY’s revenue increased $600,000 per month
  • TMIKY expanded to five additional locations in Kentucky bringing the total number of schools to nine
  • Added 30 full time employees
  • TMIKY is now the second largest proprietary school in Kentucky


“Hangout Creative has helped grow our business over the past 6 years. Wonderful people to work with!”

Greg Goins, Owner
The Medical Institute of Kentucky

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