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Effective and Affordable Website Development.

The internet is used by over 300 million Americans yearly. From simple searches such as “restaurants near me” to answering more complex questions the world wide web is a tool used by local consumers to immediately fulfill their needs. Having an effective website is vital to convincing a potential customer to select your business over the competition.

How Important is a website?

75% of consumers use a company’s website to determine it’s credibility. Further, when searching for a local business, 88% of consumers visited the store within a day.


Hangout Creative’s websites are designed with mobile phones in mind. All sites format to individual devices including desktop computers, tablets or phones.


How Much does a Website Cost?

The average Hangout Creative website costs around $1,250 to $1,750. Determining factors for cost are the number of website pages, the objectives of the website, amount of script provided (Do you have pre-written content or do we need to write it?), photos and graphics.

What is included in Website Design?

Benefits of a Hangout Creative website include a fully responsive website formatted for desktops, tablets and smartphones. All websites come with basic search engine optimization, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, a Google My Business profile, and a sitemap.

Typically Hangout Creative hosts your website and domain on our GoDaddy servers to ensure it’s safety and security. We routinely check up on client’s websites to make sure everything is up-to-date.

Why should I trust a professional?

Websites are becoming increasingly easier to develop with popular DIY builders but there are several drawbacks. You can create a good structure with DIY templates but you’re limited on your ability to create graphics and photos that fit the website design. With little knowledge of search engine optimization, professionally developed websites usually outrank those built by small business owners. Cost is also a factor, while it’s cheap to get into DIY websites, its customers pay more over time with month-to-month or yearly fees. Finally, time is the final factor, in the amount of time it takes to learn, develop and code a website a professional designer can create it in far less time and it will be more beneficial for your business. Save time, money and represent your business online best with a professional company.

Do you create E-Commerce websites?

Hangout Creative has developed and currently maintains 15 e-commerce websites. We build our e-commerce websites on the WordPress platform and integrate them with the Woocommerce plugin.

Our client’s sales range from $500 to $15,000 monthly. Business owners rely on us to help facilitate and manage sales.

How long does a website take?

Website design takes 3-5 weeks to design and implement.

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