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story with
Hangout Creative

Create a brand that
defines your business

Leverage Hangout Creative’s broad reach and creativity to engage the customers your business needs.

How Hangout’s
can work for you

Our process is our formula for success

Find your identity

Let’s figure out what makes your company unique and build an identity that shares your value.

Create your image

We will leverage our creative talent to build an image that represents your business.

Tell your story

Hangout will implement your branding across all mediums, making sure you are presented in the best light.

Branding goals

Let’s build objectives and work together
to spread awareness

Need to develop your brand?

With our collective digital skills we will create a complete digital profile for your business.

Need to create awareness?

With our knowledge of digital platforms, Hangout Creative can get your message in front of thousands of relevant users.

Want to maintain loyal customers?

Through integrated marketing and a consistent message, you will maintain customers for life.

A well thought out brand

gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets


We research your business, your field and your consumers to ensure we convey the right message to the right people.


Our team will work with you to create a voice that can be replicated across all platforms.


We can create a look that accurately reflects your business, its product position and values.


Branding will help to promote your product, build an image, and personality and to develop loyalty.

We partner with
companies of all sizes

And help your business grow

Featured Client: BG Bourbon and Brewfest

Branding helped the BG Bourbon and Brewfest sell 1,500 tickets over a five month period through the use of display advertising on social media channels.

The BG Bourbon and Brewfest brand was seen by an average of 240,000 unique digital users per month from June to October 2016. This helped increase ticket sales 75% from the year prior.

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