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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing agency in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Brand Awareness

Sales Opportunites

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Cost Effective

Connect with your customers.

Social Media marketing platforms give you the ability to communicate with users who follow your accounts on a regular basis and advertise to people in your local markets.

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We help generate and promote content on behalf of our clients on popular social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and TikTok. We utilize both organic posts and paid content to reach our client’s ideal customers in their target markets. Social Media is the perfect way to inform followers about store updates, generate awareness about an upcoming sale and address customer’s questions, comments and concerns privately.

Geotargeting and interest based marketing

The most valuable marketing tool at our disposal are social media advertising platforms. No other service gives us the ability to purchase ads and run them day of. We can target users based on proximity such as city, state or zip code and user’s demographics and interests.

It’s affordable. For as little as $100 we can reach over 7,000 unique users in your area and lead them to your profile, website or store. With over 90,000 active social media users in the Bowling Green, KY market, reaching every user in the city costs you a fraction of what you pay for a similar reach through TV, radio and print advertisements.

Featured Social Media Accounts

Whether you're new to social media marketing or a have a general understanding of the basics it's helpful to consult with a professional. Let's grow your brand.

Easy Setup and Consistent Service

Whether you have existing social media accounts or need to create new ones we can set up and start advertising in as little as a week. We post for our clients several times a week and monitor pages for comments and reviews.

We check in with business owners monthly to measure success, determine campaign strategies and adjust spending. 

Hard Numbers and Quantifiable Results

Unlike traditional media, we can measure every single impression, engagement, click, lead, etc. Using social media analytics we review data to make inferences, find opportunities and improve the performance of our campaigns. This ultimately improves your advertising return-on-investment.

Social Media Faqs

Accounts range from $350 monthly up to $2,500+ a month. We have other accounts who use social media as needed. We develop campaigns based on client’s objectives while keeping their budget in mind.

Here’s a break down of our formula for social media clients:

  • Posts – Sharing content with followers. 2-3 posts a week.
  • Monitoring – We monitor and respond to our engagement in real time through push notifications on our phones.
  • Advertising – We develop and run ad campaigns to reach your target audiences.
  • Content Generation – We produce photos, videos, copy writing and graphic design.

It takes a week to get a campaign created and approved.

Yes, we send over all information and content pertaining to an upcoming campaign before launching.

Social Media accounts collect and store user’s information and interests. Take Facebook for example, when you sign up they ask for age, gender, location, job title, etc. Following pages or making posts about things you like will group you with other users that hold the same interest.  Facebook tracks your website traffic and mobile app usage through cookies. Facebook also partners with data collection companies such as Datalogix, Epsilon and Acxiom who know your purchase history, income level and other personal information.

Some businesses by nature are more social such as a gym or sports bar. There is always something new happening within these businesses to share. Other companies, like an assembly plant are not as interesting to the average consumer but they still should share updates. Potential customers will check your profiles as a way to validate your business and learn more about your company culture.

If you’re not in a highly social industry posting once every two to three weeks is acceptable. We work with several industrial clients who utilize social media in other ways such as running employment ads.