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Marketing encompasses nearly every aspect of your business, from print advertisements to marketing online, even the neon "Open" sign in the front window is a component of the marketing mix.

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Every piece of your marketing efforts, both paid and unpaid, sends out signals to clients, customers, prospects and stakeholders about your business. Hangout Creative helps you best represent your company with a clean and professional appearance while keeping your target market in mind.

How do we do it? There are several core areas listed below.

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Marketing Strategy

We develop a game plan, establish a value proposition and determine key brand messages through extensive research on customer demographics.

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Content Marketing

We’ll generate content to share across all marketing mediums such as digital, television and print. Services include copy writing, graphic design, photography and videography.

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Digital Marketing and SEO

Best represent your company online through website development and search engine optimization. We’ll share and promote your content through every digital medium at our disposal including a website, blog, email marketing and more.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

We’ll help you reach customers who have an intent to purchase your products and services through Search Engine Marketing, primarily Google Ads. PPC involves keyword research and strong website landing page development.

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Social Media Marketing

Let’s create your brand voice and share content across social media platforms to build awareness, increase website traffic and generate more conversions.

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From logo design to consistent color schemes, imagery, graphic design and writing style, our branding services will differentiate your business and build value.

Our Marketing Experts will increase your visibility.

We create marketing strategies unique to each client. With hundreds of marketing tools available, we’ll pick and choose the right mix of platforms to effectively promote your business to get you in front of potential customers. We build plans with your budget in mind. We’ll give you a transparent look at what return you can expect from the amount of money invested and back it up with hard data and analytical insights.

Featured Marketing Accounts

Whether you're an upstart or and established an business we invite you to have a free marketing consultation.

We understand your industry specific marketing needs

You have a company to operate, let us manage your marketing so you can focus on other aspects of your business. When you team up with Hangout Creative not only do you get access to our proven strategies and past successes, you receive ongoing consultation. As your business grows so should your marketing efforts. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Measuring Marketing Return on Investment

We report on key performance indicators such as impressions, clicks and leads. By consulting with you on a routine basis we’ll work together to put a qualifiable meaning behind the data we’re tracking. This helps us improve our marketing efforts and increases your sales opportunities.

Marketing Faqs

Marketing accounts range from $500 up to $5,000+ a month. It really depends on the scope of work and how many hours our team puts towards your business.

It takes 2-3 weeks to develop a successful marketing campaign. Once the campaign is up and running there are a lot of ongoing marketing strategies that require attention such as social media and pay per click advertising.

Another major factor in the set up time are the client’s marketing assets such as logo, photography and written content. It’s much quicker to build from existing material than starting from the ground up.

Yes absolutely! Generally the more input we receive from our client the closer our marketing campaigns meet their company’s objectives.

Yes, we have several clients who will invest more marketing dollars during their busy season. Retail for example ramps things up in Quarters 3 and 4 every year.

We have and we can work with other vendors including  advertising agencies, local television and video production teams. We’re here for your success.

As a full service agency we can produce any piece of content for your marketing campaigns. If you have existing content we can possibly utilize it if it fits in with our overall marketing strategy.

We require a contract for all clients. Our terms are based on services rendered. You can cancel anytime if you’re unhappy with our performance. We retain our clients based on successes, not lengthy contract terms and cancelation fees.