Reach your target audience with proven and cost-effective advertisements.

Hangout Creative develops custom advertising plans based on the needs of its clients. We use a wide range of advertising mediums to engage client’s target audience. Whether we allocate funds towards social media, television, search engines, internet advertising or any other form of marketing, we find solutions that fit the need of each individual business.

How important is advertising?

Consumers who see your ads on multiple channels such as television, Facebook, Google, etc. are 80% more likely to visit your store.

Analyze and Interpret

Our advertisements are not static. We continually read and interpret how ads are performing. We’ll then discuss results with business owners in order to make cost-effective updates, increase spending and adjust the ad language, design or target market.


How Much does a Advertising?

We suggest clients spend $500 a month minimum on advertising. There are always exceptions to the rule. Many times, client’s needs are seasonal or they want to start on a trail basis and then scale their advertising after proven results.

We charge an hourly rate for all of our services. This rate is $100 an hour.

What is included in Advertising?

Advertising is different for every client. Hangout Creative will sit down with decision makers, usually the business owner and/or general manager(s) to discuss their business goals and how we can help achieve these goals.

Here is where we focus most of our attention:

  • Website Design/Landing Pages
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Adwords and Google Display Network
  • Social Media Advertising – Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Youtube/Video Advertising/Television Commercials
  • Print Advertising – Newspaper/Magazines

Why should I trust a professional?

Advertising can be both pricey and time consuming. It’s important you shed the best light on your business while reaching the people who would be interested in your products and services. You want to stand out from your competition and  look professional.

We understand many business owners have several different roles and functions within their organization. Advertising plays a small role in the grand scheme of things but it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

How long does a advertising take to implement?

Generally an advertising campaign for existing businesses takes 3-5 weeks to design and implement. For new businesses starting up with no branding or advertising elements take 5-7 weeks.

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