Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Advertise at the top of Search Engine Page Results pertaining to your business.

Google averages 3.5 billion searches per day. Whether it’s for a small purchase such as coffee or a large investment like a home, Google best answers users questions with a list of business’s websites in their local area. Google adwords will display you business at the top so it’s the first thing a customer sees when they’re shopping for your product/service. The best part of P.P.C., you only pay for the clicks your ads receive, not the ones you don’t.

How Important is pay-per-click advertising?

Customers are twice as likely to select your business through Google Adwords than organic search results.


PPC advertising doesn’t stop with the initial advertisement. From the Google Adwords advertisement (or similar) to the landing page we understand the entire the digital sales funnel.


Final Finish

Area of focus: Towing


Area of focus: Medical Assistant

Landing Page:


Area of focus: Gym

Corporate Custom Rentals

Area of focus: Bowling Green Furnished Apartments

Landing Page:

Health Works Nutrition

Area of focus: Nutrition Store

Federal Assembly

Area of focus: Kitting

Pay-Per-Click FAQs

How much does cost?

Hangout Creative charges an hourly rate of $100 to set up and manage client’s pay-per-click services. Generally it takes 3-5 hours to get a campaign fully operational. Since every client’s products and services are different, expect to pay different amounts per click, the more competitive the keyword, the more it costs per click. We strive to keep it in the range of $0.50 to $5.00 per click but it can sometimes cost more.

What is included in PPC advertising?

Hangout Creative PPC advertising includes initial consultation and research, campaign set up and analytics. Since you only pay for our time, once the campaign(s) are set up then you will only pay a marginal fee when we check the campaigns for opportunities and inconsistencies.

Why should I trust a professional?

Google Adwords is a robust system that has a huge variety of options. There is a huge learning curve. If not set up properly you can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on the wrong search terms every month.

Do you create E-Commerce websites?

Hangout Creative has developed and currently maintains 15 e-commerce websites. We build our e-commerce websites on the WordPress platform and integrate them with the Woocommerce plugin.

Our client’s sales range from $500 to $15,000 monthly. Business owners rely on us to help facilitate and manage sales.

How long does it take to set up PPC?

PPC takes 1-2 weeks implement.

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