Kobe Aluminum Lead Generation

Kobe Aluminum averaged 170 qualified applicants a month.

Video Facebook advertisement with clear call-to-action.

Hangout Creative worked with Kobe Aluminum’s HR team to develop advertising materials and job descriptions to use for a 90 day “now hiring” advertising campaign. Hangout then created social media and website pages to host these campaigns. Upon approval, Hangout Creative used Facebook, Instagram and Google’s advertising platforms to reach people in the Southern Kentucky area.

Image Facebook advertisement with clear call-to-action.


  • Generated an average of 170 applicants on a monthly budget of $1,000.
  • Cost per qualified applicant was $6.00.
  • On average, Kobe Aluminum’s ads reached 45,000 unique social media users monthly.
  • Generated 1,362 monthly clicks to the landing page.

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