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Griffs Deli had 28,609 website page views in October 2019.


Griffs Deli is a fast casual located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Hangout Creative was tasked with redesigning it’s website in 2014 and 2018 to better serve customers needs.

Advertising Tools

  • Website Design
  • Jupiter 6 WordPress Theme
  • WP Bakery Builder
  • Google Search Console
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Photography


Hangout Creative originally redesigned the Griffs Deli website in 2014. There were couple main objectives for the new website:

  • Website needed a responsive design as 68% of traffic was mobile
  • Feature every menu item with images, description and updated prices

Evolution of Design

Designed in 2009 by previous company

Designed in 2014

Designed in 2018

While the 2014 redesign fulfilled the two main objectives it left more to be desired. The website was clunky, the layout was confusing and the WordPress theme proved to be difficult to work with. There were a lot of things that prevented the website from reaching it’s intended purpose.

The website redesign in 2018 corrected these issues. Built on WordPress with the WP Bakery Builder plugin on the Jupiter 6 theme the new layout allows easy edits and add-ons. Other areas the new design vastly improved were:

  • Call to Action – Added a call to action focused on the website’s most used feature, the menu. Later changed to online ordering.
  • Speed – Takes 1.20 seconds to completely load the website. Makes browsing seamless and enjoyable.
  • Layout and Navigation – Simple, organized and easy to follow.
  • Improved Catering Page – Formerly the catering page was a PDF menu users could download on their computer or device and view. Now the entire catering menu can be reviewed on a web page. A request form was also added to help facilitate in the sale of catering orders.
  • Photography and Videography – Elements of Griffs Deli’s photography and videography used for other area of it’s marketing mix, namely social media and television advertising, were used to enhance the overall look and credibility of the website.
  • Improved Search Engine Optimization – The language was more thought out, improved keywords based on how users were finding the website and cleaned up snippets for Google to crawl and index.

Example of a current business initiative

Griffs Deli is very active in the community and switches things in-store based on the season. As we do with several clients their website is updated to help promote current business initiatives. Notable items that are added to the website based on the time of year are:

  • Charitable events
  • Gift Card Promotions
  • Holiday Hours
  • Awards and accolades
  • New menu items

A major feature that was added to Griffs point-of-sale system was Online Ordering.  The online ordering button can be found on the navigation header, on the home and menu page. It’s helped increase orders, cleared up the phones lines so employees can focus on customer service and orders.

Successes in October 2019

  • Website averaged 150 users a day
  • Website average 923 page views a day
  • 93% of website traffic was through organic search namely Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


“Over the years our website has become more user friendly, visually pleasing and informative. Whether it’s checking store hours, reviewing the menu, contacting us, or our most recent addition of online ordering. Since we have added online ordering we have increased our sales and made it easier than ever for our customers to place to-go orders. Hangout has done a great job of building, maintaining and updating our website to give Griffs Deli a professional representation online.”

Ed Griffin, Owner
Griffs Deli

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